One Year in Boston

We’ve spent a full year as Boston residents. There’s a few things I’ve learned in the past year: Winter is really pretty, up until you’re trapped in your house for a week eating nothing but canned beans and soup. Spring in Boston is the grossest thing I have ever seen. As the snow melts, the … More One Year in Boston

Spring in Boston

It’s finally here! And I do not want to be inside. Unfortunately my day job prevents me from riding bicycles and reading in the sun all day. Thankfully there are weekends and flower filled gardens to spend them in.

I Survived Winter

Forest Path Trail, Blue Hills Reservation I survived my first New England winter! I am paler than I have ever been, have sores all over my feet from wearing shoes for months, and am really tired of wearing two pairs of pants. The snow is almost all gone, and the weather is supposed to be … More I Survived Winter


Dear God when will it stop? Admittedly this is my first real winter. Growing up in central California doesn’t expose you to the same kind of winter experience that New England does. Sure, we visited the snow. But who would be so idiotic as to go live in it? Ooops… Well, it turns out that … More Snow

The Big Sur River Gorge, Swiss Camp , and Partington Cove

This is the perfect weekend length adventure, although as it turns out…it’s not an official campsite anymore so I highly suggest you don’t do it. We started out on Saturday by hiking up to the Big Sur River Gorge. I had a hankering for a summer swimming hole – and this satisfied that desire perfectly. … More The Big Sur River Gorge, Swiss Camp , and Partington Cove