• Useful for when you want to travel but don’t care where. There ‘everywhere’ option lets you find the cheapest flights for your dates of travel, to wherever that may be.
  • Google Flights
    • Great for when you want to go somewhere specific and you want to find out when the cheapest time to go there is.
  • Southwest Airlines
    • They don’t participate in any flight aggregator, but they almost always undersell the competition if you’re flying within the US.


  • Priceline
    • Specifically the name your price option. I have gotten some amazing deals this way.


  • Tripadvisor
    • I generally trust Tripadvisor ratings and reviews. I also appreciate that people upload their own pictures and I can easily compare to the professional pictures making it easier to gauge whether or not the review was written by someone normal, or insanely high maintenance and whiny. I also find that they’re more reliable for international travel than something like Yelp – although nothing beats Yelp for restaurant reviews.
  • Hotel websites
    • Often if you go directly to the hotel website they will be running deals that will beat the promotional rates you find on something like or Priceline.
  • AAA
    • You can book hotels through their website, and often hotels will be running specials specifically for AAA members. If you are a member you should be taking advantage of this, since this is how you get a nicer hotel in an expensive city, like NYC.


  • TripAdvisor
    • Seriously, they have never let me down. It’s like the Yelp of traveling.
  • Word of Mouth
    • Make friends and ask them where to go, they probably have better, more current information that your guide book.








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