Taking a Break

My last real hike was Cannon Mountain in March (post coming soon!). Shortly after hiking Cannon I got sick and it took me over a month to recover. Then it took me about another month to rebuild my strength. I struggle with health issues and I’m afraid of a relapse so I’ve been taking it easy. As of now I can barely run 2 miles without feeling like I’m pushing myself too hard.  Throw in work and life and I’ve had too many excuses not to be out doing what I love. But it’s summer and I want to go out and play. So for better or worse in less than a week I’ll be out on my own and back in the mountains.

I don’t have a solid plan yet, which is pretty dumb. But hey, where’s the adventure in a plan? We’ll see how this goes. It might be a total disaster if I’m going back out before I’m ready. But at the same time I won’t know until I’m out there. So here I go.



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