One Year in Boston

We’ve spent a full year as Boston residents. There’s a few things I’ve learned in the past year:

  1. Winter is really pretty, up until you’re trapped in your house for a week eating nothing but canned beans and soup.
  2. Spring in Boston is the grossest thing I have ever seen. As the snow melts, the 4 months of dog shit and garbage that people are too lazy (or too cold) to clean up during the winter months starts to thaw out as well.
  3. I’m pretty sure I’m going to die here. Boston drivers are literally the worst. I’ve been hit by car on 2 separate occasions – one time I was even on the sidewalk. There’s a reason why insurance rates are insanely high here.
  4. Boston really likes the complain about the T, despite the fact that it seems to be a pretty reliable (even if flawed) source of transportation. Most of the time I would much rather be taking the T than driving (especially since the chance of death seems reduced.)
  5. The food is bad, especially for vegetarians. I don’t know if it’s partially just a lack of fresh ingredients, or just a lack of taste. My current theory is that because so many people smoke (and smoke heavily), they just can’t taste what they’re eating.
  6. Young people smoke here, a lot. Which is crazy because a pack of cigarettes is something like 11$ a pack. How do you afford this habit?
  7. Boston has a pretty neat craft distillery/brewery scene (and I am not talking about Harpoon or Sam Adams). Nightshift brewery, Short Path Distillery, and Grand Ten Distillery are some of my favorite places.
  8. It’s okay to be completely shit faced drunk by 10pm on any given night.
  9. The airport is really easy to get to and has cheap flights to a lot of places. This is especially great for west coast vegetarians who find themselves accidentally living in Boston.
  10. The Boston Common and Garden are beautiful, and offer excellent people watching.
  11. Bros are everywhere, and travel in packs. Sitting in a T station before a Red Sox game was probably the best people watching experience of my life. Popped collars everywhere.
  12. Christmas isn’t a holiday, it’s a season that lasts from November-March.
  13. Despite the fact that Boston isn’t my favorite city to be in, it has to be one of the top (or near the top) cities to walk around in. Beacon Hill and the esplanade are particular favorite spots. With so much brick and beautiful old architecture it really is a beautiful city to look at not to mention you never know when you’re going to accidentally stumble into history.

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