GrandTen Distillery

We wanted something local and warm to do over the weekend, and having a fondness for craft distilleries (as well as their products) we decided to investigate one of Boston’s. After a few quick Google searches we settled on GrandTen for two reasons: It was close, and it’s free on Saturdays. Double win.

It’s located in a more industrial part of South Boston, and thanks to plenty of signs it’s not hard to find despite its less-than-obvious location. As soon as you enter you’re aware of just how small an operation it is. You can almost see everything from the door. The staff were great, making the tour entertaining, and highlighting the differences between their distillery and one far more industrial. But the highlight of the tour, by far, was the tasting.

I have tried my fair share of spirits. And I’m not embarrassed to say that generally I really don’t like them on their own. I have never enjoyed anything that smelled simply of ethanol and burned my mouth like antiseptic mouthwash. So, generally speaking, I haven’t enjoyed a tasting at a distillery. So it was pretty darn surprising when I actually enjoyed the tasting at GrandTen. None of their spirits smelled simply of ethanol, instead I smelled banana, fresh carrots, almonds, chocolate and butterscotch. Instead of burning my mouth, it went down smooth and tasted delicious. I’m not usually a whiskey person, but I would drink their South Boston Irish Whiskey neat. I wanted to buy almost everything they sold, but settled with taking home a bottle of their white rum, sold exclusively (for the time being) at their distillery.

In short – you should go



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