Been Lazy (and Busy..)

So I’ve been neglecting my blog. I don’t really know what to say for myself other that I’ve been busy, and when I’m not busy I’m really lazy. So there you have it. I’m in the midst of quitting my job, moving, and getting married so any down time I have is usually spent doing whatever the hell I want. Which lately has been staring at the wall and eating cookies.. Then I feel guilty because I figure I’m going to get fat and I’ve already ordered my dress, and how awkward would that be if it didn’t fit on the big day.

I’m still adventuring around Big Sur, we actually had quite a bit of an adventure last weekend when we tried to hike to the Circular Pools. The hike is really easy for anyone who hikes a lot. Even if you don’t hike a lot, I would imagine the most challenging part of this hike is the stream crossings. Right now, because of this awful drought, the crossings were really easy. The water is shallow, and if you don’t mind getting wet you can just sort of trudge across the river quite safely. However, I did witness two people fall while crossing the river – one who was in our party had to be taken to the hospital. Before you freak out though, the person in our party isn’t a hiker. She doesn’t like hiking, she’s never really gone hiking, and this was the first time she’s hiked in a year. In fact, if her boyfriend hadn’t tricked her into going –  she probably would have chosen to stay home. The point is however, be careful while crossing streams. I’m a total klutz so I ALWAYS pay attention while doing ANYTHING in the wilderness. Because our friend fell and hit her head before we got to the pools, we never actually made it. Although I’m determined to try again. It’s a 8 mile round trip hike, so if you’re not in shape it’s probably going to be a bit strenuous, especially considering the streams and downed trees. The trail after Fish Camp isn’t the best but certainly isn’t the worst either. In terms of elevation change, it’s relatively flat, and extremely flat by Big Sur standards. I am eager to try again, especially because it was so beautiful. The trail follows the Little Sur River, and you just kind of wind through the canyon. There were trout in the river, the river banks were so mossy they looked almost like something out of middle earth, and there were ferns and big trees galore. All I can think is that if the hike getting there was as pretty as it is the circular pools must be gorgeous. I’ll update soon with pictures. I believe my Fiance has commandeered the flash disk that they’re currently trapped on, but I’m not sure…   


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