East Molera Trail

The East Molera Trail is, you guessed it, on the Eastern side of highway 1 in Andrew Molera State Park. It’s much less used than the more popular Beach and Creamery Meadow Trails, but the view is one of the best in Big Sur.

The hike is only about 1 mile up to the top of the ridge, through coastal sage, and oak groves, with a light spattering of redwoods. Once you get to the top there is an unofficial ridge top trail that I’ve heard goes for miles (although I only traveled maybe half a mile more once at the ridge line).

This trail is short, but it’s steep. It’ll definitely give you a work out, in the short distance you travel. It’s great too, because if you get to the top and feel like going further – you can! Just turn back whenever you feel satisfied.

The trail climbs to the ridge top, overlooking Point Sur, Creamery Meadow, and the rest of Andrew Molera State Park with nothing short of spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean on one side, and Ventana Wilderness on the other.

Looking East into Ventana Wilderness From the Ridge Top

Wild Irises Blooming in Early Spring

Gnarled Dead Oak on the Ridge

Oak Grove

View Out to Point Sur

California Poppies

View Southwest of the Trail, Overlooking Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park


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